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Placement Possibilities

Do you already have an idea about the field you want to work in?

We offer a wide variety of placement possibilities across various fields through the Protestant Church and our affiliated social welfare projects. Depending on the placement and your interests, you can choose to get involved in pedagogical work, nursing, domestic care, in cultural activities or crafts.


You can choose to work with


in day care centres or kindergartens, children’s homes, child-specific health facilities, or parish churches.



in youth homes and centres, within the realm of church youth groups, and in boarding schools.


Children, youths and adults with disabilities

in integrated kindergartens, day care centres and schools, family social institutions, assisted-living facilities, workshops, and in psychiatric and other medical facilities.


The elderly

in church parishes, in private residences and assisted-living communities, day patient facilities, and rehabilitation centres.


Sick children, youths and adults

in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.


Children, youths and adults living in special living circumstances

including the homeless, at-risk and addicted people, and immigrants.






You want to apply for a Voluntary Service Year? Here you find a list of relevant contact details

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